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     Maid in Idaho is more than a house cleaning company.  In addition to our office and house cleaning services we offer general home maintenance and other contracted services (listed below).  Few things are maintenance free, but you can't be a slave to your home.  Maid in Idaho can simplify your home upkeep.  We offer an expansive range of work items: See details below. Why call your window washer and maid  separately?  Make one call to Maid in Idaho and get a cost-effective way to shorten your "to do" list and free up some time for more important things in your life.


House Cleaning/Office Cleaning Services ~ We Clean Green!

~All Rooms

  • Dust baseboards, doors, window sills/blinds, light fixtures and ceiling fans (if accessible).
  • Dust all wood furniture with Murphy's Wood Oil, 
  • Dust corner to corner for cobwebs.
  • Empty wastebaskets.
  • Clean all glass and mirror surfaces.
  • Vacuum all carpet, rug and stairs, and mop all floors.


  • Disinfect showers, tub and sink and wipe down with dry rag.
  • Disinfect and clean entire surface are of toilet, including the bowl, seat, lid, top of tank, and base.
  • Clean all mirrors.
  • Spot-clean cabinets.
  • Clean counter tops, including dusting of all items.
  • Clean floors on hands and knees.


  • Wipe down stove including drip pans, burner grates, and control knobs.
  • Wipe down front of refrigerator, stove and dishwasher.
  • Spot-clean cabinets.
  • Clean inside and outside of microwave.
  • Wipe down counter tops, table and chairs.
  • Clean floors on hands and knees.

The interior of the refrigerator and stove are an additional, separate service.  Ask a representative for additional costs.

Move-Out Cleans and Home Inspection Maintenance

Maid in Idaho can simplify your life as a homeowner.  We specialize in move-out cleans and Home Inspection Maintenance for when it's that time in your life to sell your current home and relocate.  The new owners of your home are expecting a clean house when they move in.  After all that moving no one wants to do all the things on that list that the home inspector left, and on top of that clean.  Maid in Idaho can meet the expectations of the new homeowner, at an affordable cost.  With a variety of services offered with only one call to make, we're your one-stop shop for domestic and home maintenance.  Here is a general list of services;


  • Professional window washing.
  • Pressure washing of exterior siding.


  • Ducting maintenance.
  • Air filter replacement.



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